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Whether it is the way you feel about yourself, your relationships, your job, or life itself, you are looking for a change. I provide therapy to adolescents and their families and to young adults.

I am DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) trained and most of my practice is DBT based.

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We may discover patterns of behavior that are not in your best interest, and explore ways to affect change toward a more satisfying life.""You are seeking help from an experienced therapist and that is the first step toward feeling better!Therefore, finding the right match -someone with whom you have a sense of rapport- is critical. Each client is a unique person who brings his or her particular experiences, strengths, and vulnerabilities.""My specialty is helping members of the Jewish community.With nearly 20 years of experience as a rabbi, combined with my extensive training and certification as a therapist, I am uniquely qualified to work with members of the frum community in a way which is trusting, non-judgmental and highly confidential.We provide an array of treatment modalities with a tailored approach to meet the needs of each individual we work with.We see the client/therapist relationship as a collaborative one and we are conscious to respect and honor the cultural diversity that influence our clients.""At Growtherapy, we believe that growth is in your hands and that knowing ones' self is the key to becoming whole.