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If he were to create that many clones, the original would take a really long time regenerating his large chakra stores and would feel weak and sluggish for hours.An example is in chapter 15: he had to take a soldier pill to help his chakra regeneration, while canon Naruto simply drew out pile after pile of chakra in the equivalent fight, apparently from nowhere.After all, he didn't really learn the Academy taught style, but after a while he realize that katas can only condition your body only that much.(think of an asymptotic curve, with the limit as his potential) and after he reaches a comfortable point he can just pile up the practice with clones, until he master the style.

A) Naruto's change has influenced a lot of people, and it creates a domino effect.It will take just weeks, at that point, naturally, but I plan on getting to that point off-screen, in the training trip.Meanwhile, he is just using clones to master jutsu, chakra control exercises and theory, all stuff he A) Very unlikely.A) Because his chakra regeneration ability is mostly redirected to the seal.Unlike canon Naruto, whose chakra was constantly replenished by the chakra leaked by the seal, this AU seal work in the opposite way.