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Rabia Siddique was once regarded as the perfect poster girl for the British Army.Her photograph, reprinted on thousands of recruitment posters, helped dispel all the worst myths about the armed forces.The judge and an Iraqi colonel said that Rabia would be taken to see the prisoners, along with a group of police officers."I recognised the officers as members of Jaish Al Mahdi," she says."There was no way I was going to be split from James and I insisted he came with me."They were taken to the cell where the men were being held.

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James and I were thrown out of the cell, and I had this sickening fear that they were about to execute the two men.

Throughout, she says, Major Woodham was sitting alongside her.

"He tried to speak," she says, "but he was told to shut up." At first it seemed that Rabia's skills as a lawyer were about to pay off.

Further, there was no point during the day in question in Iraq when she was not with at least one other British soldier, so she would hardly dare risk lying about her ordeal, given the high stakes of the tribunal.

And finally, she is now a government lawyer, only too aware of the repercussions of giving false testimony in this instance."It was never about the money," she says, speaking about her ordeal for the first time.