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And after you have a crystal-clear idea of “WHO IS THAT MAN?

” you can move on and tackle the most challenging of all questions: “HOW DO I ACTUALLY MEET HIM AND MAKE NOTICE ME?

“Well, give me something nice,” you say, “Something that will make me feel excited and alive.”“What would you like to have? In order to be getting the love you want you have to know exactly how it feels and looks like. This way you make your waiter (the Universe) bring you the order.This happens because there is no difference for the Universe whether you DESIRE something or FEAR it.Strong emotion is a fuel for materialization of your desires (or fears).We are going old-school today with a tip that has worked for men for decades.So, I know you remember Dirty Dancing and exactly how you felt the first time you watched it. Well, what if I told you I knew how to recreate that "feeling" of intense desire, powerful attraction, & rhythmic body movement?