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Harass Map is also present on university campuses all around Egypt, conducting workshops and raising awareness among students.

At Cairo and Bani-Suef Universities there is a unit to report on-campus harassment.

But experts say that 90% of the time, police threaten the woman, belittle what she is going through or try to convince her to abstain from filing a legal case.

Even if the survivor is able to get through all of this, a bribe as small as 20 pounds — a little more than a dollar — could give the harasser access to her contacts and address.

She and her family are then subjected to threats, blackmail and scandal to drop charges.

“The number of cases filed do not constitute even 0.1% of the amount of harassment actually taking place in Egypt,” Mostafa said.

Emad managed to collect 73 stories from women all over Egypt and of different age groups through her online campaign.

Civil society has stepped in, encouraging women to speak up and urging men to take a stance.

“Even if we have the most progressive law and the most progressive policy in the world and people do not think of sexual harassment as a crime, then we are not really doing anything,” said Alia Soliman, the communications manager at Harass Map, a volunteer-based organization with a mission to end the social acceptability of sexual harassment in Egypt.

It is also a tool to identify harassment trends, and to know which areas need more working on.

Different teams tackle the epidemic through various lines of work.