Sims play build 2 dating relationships

Effect 2 means that the relationship change is also added but is doubled as well for the date score.

If the interaction decreases relationship, the date score will also be decreased.

Each interaction has a base score which personality and aspiration add to.

The score for personality shows the maximum available.

If the date ends before getting to the Good rating then date points will be lost from the final date rating.To achieve this, personality must have a score of 10.The penalty means that the score will be the value shown if the personality is 0.In this article, we review date mechanics to help you utilize this new system to your advantage. Since dating is a romantic action, you can only date sims that you can have a romantic relationship with(e.g. If you date at a community lot, you must drive there.If you don't get going within the hour, then the other sim will decide that he or she has been stood up.