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Openly gay PNG musician Moses Tau said in the documentary, that in PNG, most gay men go with straight or bisexual men."I don't know the ideas of how or why they want to do it, could be maybe they say 'just try'," Tau said.

Speedy talks of his straight lover, who visits him in Hanuabada regularly.

They do the cooking, wash clothes and participate on the women's side in cultural rituals and traditional festivals.

One of the Gelegele featured in Vlad's documentary film Guavas and Bananas: Living Gay in PNG, is Haraga, known to locals as 'Speedy'.

Speedy says leaving the safety of the village to attend these nights is always a risk."When we are out of the village, going out clubbing, after the parties, when we're stranded of transport it's a risk," he said."Most of [my friends] are hurt and killed because of what they are doing here in Papua New Guinea."Speedy says the 'straight' guys they meet at the clubs, some of whom go back to Hanuabada with them after a wild night, never defend them."The boys don't protect us, they used to tell us, 'you're man enough, protect yourselves'," he said."When you're in public like, they have to be strong person, strong guy.

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He says over that time, the village has changed from a place that would broach him with hostility to one where he commands respect."It's OK in the village now, not like before.

It certainly looks that way: The last time a big Icelandic volcano blew its top—when Eyjafjallajökull erupted in 2010—the ash cloud that grounded air traffic cost the global economy billion in lost output.

Magma breached the surface in a lava field in Holuhraun, the Icelandic Meteorological Office reported, in what’s called a “fissure eruption,” seeping through a roughly one-kilometer crack that had formed days before.

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