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Available in three different volumes (30ml, 70ml and 200ml).Buy now Our testers enjoyed this moisturiser for its lightly hydrating properties.While its possible uses are numerous, we especially love using this as a shower gel – it’s cleansing without being moisture-stripping, which is particularly useful if you’re having trouble with body acne.While £6.99 for a bottle of shower gel may sound expensive, this soap is concentrated, so you need only a fraction of what you’d normally use.

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There are so many different options out there for deep-pore, blackhead-clearing, exfoliating, or oil-eliminating facial scrubs, that the choice can be overwhelming.

Just like the Dr Bronner’s liquid soap, you’ll only need to use a very small amount at a time, so a bottle of this is a great investment.

Buy now Make-up remover may be a toiletry-bag staple for many, but few people put much thought into which one they go for.

Buy now Nobody with oily or combination skin wants to get caught with an overly shiny face – and that’s where blotting paper comes in.

Out of the other brands we tried, we found the blotting paper from Muji, the Japanese minimalist homeware brand, to be the most effective for balancing your complexion by absorbing excess oil.

Belgian guys dating