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After escaping, the women led police back to the site.Smith was convicted and executed by lethal injection-five years later.All four persons at one time or another participated in physically assaulting Gardner.

Ironically, eighteen years later in (1978): In the early morning hours of April 12, 1978, cousins John Arnold (1st photo) and John Plath (2nd photo), in their early twenties, along with their respective eleven-year-old and seventeen-year-old girlfriends, Carol Ullman and Cindy Sheets, borrowed a friend's car and went looking for wild mushrooms in Beaufort County.

Charlie Chop-off was a serial killer active in Manhattan between 19 killing five black children and leaving another for dead.

The nickname comes from the genital mutilation inflicted on the male victims.

After brutally raping her, Smith smashed her head between 2 cinder blocks-killing her.

Smith returned alone and opened the trunk, the young women hit him over the head with a wrench and began to kick him and punch him in the stomach.