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Like this you won’t be charged more for the massage. And yes, you read right, it’s often possible to have sex in the ladyboy massage salons.But the best experience is always the Oil Massage, so I recommend you to take that one right away. This is really the maximum you should tip, so don’t let them fool you if they ask for 1,000 Baht for a hand job. While the girls would usually say “no boom boom”, it’s often the ladyboys themselves who try to convince you to bang them – even if you only ask for a hand job or blow job.You can’t really miss it, just look out for the huge signs with bright and colorful neon lights with the inscription “Massage”.It’s one of the most famous massage streets in town, and of course you can also find plenty of attractive ladyboys working in these offered a massage by a hot ladyboy sooner or later.

I will split this post into different sections, starting with the main areas to find shemale massages including a map, followed by information on the prices and finally compare the girls massages with the ladyboy massages.

Most places also have showers so you won’t feel like a oily eel when walking out. The problem with most female masseuses is that their hand job and blow job skills aren’t really good at all.

So after your masseuse has worked on your back and legs and tells you to turn around after 30-40 minutes, and she sees that you’ve got a boner, she will sooner or later ask you: “What you want? They often just want to get the “job” done as quickly as possible.

The ladyboys here are not that attractive on average compared to the other areas on this list, but you never know, there are always exceptions – and you only need to find 1-2 nice ladyboys for your massage anyway. What I mean by that is that the ladyboys are usually quite diligent and determined to get what they want, so if they just got a boob job for 80k then they may think they are entitled to get a tip of 1,000 Baht for a hand job.

Which is ridiculous of course, and you shouldn’t pay that.