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A short time later he deleted his Twitter account as it was revealed he has gone into hiding because of the response to the march in Virginia that left Heyer dead.After blaming his widely denounced Friday night tweet on a hack, he conceded he was on a cocktail of drugs and booze when he tweeted Heyer was 'fat' and 'disgusting.' He also explains he sometimes blacks out and doesn't remember things he does when he's under the influence Kessler also apologized for the Heyer tweet, calling his words 'heinous' and explained further he's been under 'a crushing amount of stress and death threats' in an attempt to excuse himself for his remarks. The tweet drew ire from fellow white nationalists, including Richard Spencer.

Kessler originally claimed his Twitter account was hacked before backtracking and admitting to being on drugs when he tweeted.'I was hacked last night.

A social media user claiming to be Daily Stormer staffer Andrew Auernheimer said he had hacked Kessler's account, but that has not been confirmed, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Kessler told Fox News on Thursday that he plans to lay low because of the death threats he has received since the rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12.

When he was asked about Heyer, Kessler said: 'No comment.' Kessler said he leads a 'civil rights group', not white supremacists.

He said his objections are with identity politics including 'discriminatory policies of affirmative action, college admissions, history books being rewritten, blaming American whites for slavery'.