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But this is a high-speed road and cyclists are banned.

It was at am, the time from the stamp of a nearby security camera, where we see the cyclists appear on the screen, followed a few seconds later by the headlights of a fast-moving vehicle.

The same result with the driver of the bus, on the autopista General Cañas on Tuesday, that slammed into the rear of a pick up truck, with such force leaving it crumpled an accordion, in between two other large vehicles. Almost nightly, in the quietness of the night, the roar of engines and screeching tires can be heard.

No possibility that the two men, on their way to work that morning, had even a chance of survival. The straight-away from the tool booths to the Santa Ana bridge is perfect for street racing. There is no room for it in the mix of machismo, alcohol and drugs.

A small percentage of adults who get infected with Zika may develop Guillain-Barré syndrome, or GBS.

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We can only be horrified as the images filter on the social media and the online news channels.

If you are pregnant (or are trying to get pregnant) and are planning on traveling to those countries, the safest option is probably to cancel your plans.

If the travel is unavoidable, or if you live in a place where the outbreak is happening, don’t panic: just try to avoid mosquito bites, and remember that Zika be linked to microcephaly: it is not an inevitability.

Are the criminal court judges of this country so out of touch with reality that it in itself be called a crime?

The Costa Rica courts are sending a clear message to every driver in the land: drive as you want, kill as many as you want, don’t worry, nothing will happen.