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Other people just wish they had that kind of attitude on life.You may be book smart, but that’s not what intimidates people — it’s that you’re savvy about all aspects of your life, with solid judgment that a lot of people lack.When she brought up Schwartzman's then off-the-cuff ideas about a show based off , Amazon was intrigued and brought on writer Alex Timbers to give more insight on the New York social strata.(Weitz became their "captain.") Just a pilot was initially shot due to Amazon's process of letting subscribers preview potential series before giving a green-light to a full season.You know what you deserve and don’t settle for anything less.

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The world of classical music might have been initially intimidating to the two of them -- and the early dipping of the toes into the water may have been a bit shaky (that world can seem cold from the outside!Another character, Lizzie, who is roommates with Kirke's Hailey, is "so Brooklyn" and throws a party in their huge apartment where a bunch of other "typical Brooklynites" end up competing over who can play the best woodwind solo.(Hailey loses to a bespectacled rando when a crush walks in, causing a very wrong note.) All of this is to say, if you just checked out the pilot and were lukewarm or had given up on the series, you should think of this as a completely different thing.It’s not just that you have good jokes — it’s that you always seem to take whatever life throws at you in stride.You are the champion of sarcastically narrating your life and always try to find the humor in a bad situation.