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Read More » Non-State Actors Orientation Session to be held on the theme: “In recognition of the key accountability role that CSOs play in bringing credibility to the Malabo Declaration, CAADP and Mutual Accountability Processes in Uganda” Date: 25 – 26 September 2017 Venue: Kampala See concept for details Organised by Food Rights Alliance in partnership ...

Read More » The 4th Annual General Meeting of the Food Rights Alliance was held on Friday 25th August 2017.

Parallel to the main CBA11 conference, a Youth Conference was held on ...

Read More » On 26th June, FRA in partnership with her Financial Partner Trocaire held a strategic thinking session to kick start a debate on attaining an integrated water and land resource management system in Uganda.

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This was the 2nd elective assembly since the establishment of FRA as an independent secretariat in 2014.

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Today, Uganda joins the rest of world to celebrate World Food Day under the theme “Change the future of Migration; Invest in Food Security and Rural Development”.

Celebrated every year on 16th October, this day honors the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of ...

Read More » On Sunday 15th October, the world came together to commemorate the International Day for Rural Women.